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High Density Seamless Foundation Makeup Brush

$34.90 $39.95
: Pink

 Australian STOCK!

Achieve a flawless look and professional seamless finish with this high-performance foundation brush designed with ideal shape, density, and texture! Make it effortless to build your desired level of coverage. Its bristles were developed with perfect proportions to easily reach hard-to-reach areas like sides of the nose and under eyes.
This Seamless Makeup Brush features high quality artificial fiber, smooth and easy to apply an even and natural foundation makeup. Don't absorb foundation into the brush itself, used for applying liquid, cream and easy to clean. It is ultra-soft and the unique hexagon diamond shape is thoughtfully designed with a curve to position your fingers for easy gripping.
Use this makeup brush as a foundation brush to apply cream and liquid products onto the skin without trapping or absorption of product. Your imperfections will disappear and you will be left. The makeup brush is portable and lightweight, with a protecting case, it won't stain the brush, perfect for you to carry when you travel.



  • Brush Material: Wool Fiber
  • Size: Six Corners
  • Used With: Blusher
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Brush Material: Nylon
  • Gross length specification: 2 cm
  • Colour: Pink, Black
  • Total length: 5 cm