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Fresh Body One Step Blowout Brush

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Get Salon Grade Hair Results At Home

A round brush and a blow-dryer in one that dries and straightens or styles your hair at the same time. Whether you're using it right out of the shower or applying it just before you go out, you'll have perfectly smooth and shiny hair in 10 minutes.

Styling your hair every morning can be time-consuming and tiresome, especially if you have to dry it first before styling. However, Fresh Body, a reputable supplier of blow dryer brushes in Australia, is here to solve that problem using the Fresh Body Blowout Brush.

This is a rolling hair dryer brush that will dry and straighten or style your hair at the same time, cutting your get-ready time significantly. Whether you are using the curling brush after hitting the shower or before leaving the house, it will leave your hair shiny and smooth without making it frizzy, giving you salon-grade results.

Why use the hair curling brush?

Ionic Technology - The rolling hair dryer brush has a ceramic barrel with a vented honeycomb design that allows quick airflow and even heat distribution, drying your hair fast. It also releases negative ions when you heat it and seals hair cuticles, reducing damage and conditioning your hair to repair existing damage.

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Easy and Comfortable to use - The curling brush has an ergonomic handle and a 360-degree swivel cord, giving you high flexibility with whatever style you want on your hair.

Portable Design- The ergonomic handle is designed for maximum comfort and ease of use during styling. The 360°swivel cord allows high flexibility to operate freely. Lightweight and portable hair straightener brush for home and travel use, hairstyling anywhere.

The blow brush is lightweight and compact, making it easy to add to your travel bag.

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  1. Towel dry your hair- Never use the blow brush on soaking wet hair. Ensure you towel dry or air dry it first, removing the excess water to leave it damp, then plug it in.
  2. Adjust the settings- Adjust the heat and speed settings depending on your hair type, volume, and style you want. Use the lowest heat setting and slowest speed for thin hair and the highest speed plus medium or high heat for thicker hair.
  3. Section your hair- Sectioning your hair ensures you get every part of your head. Run the blow brush from close to the roots to the tip, roll the brush outward, and repeat until you get desired results.
    To get more volume, hold your brush on your head horizontally and roll it under your hair sections from the base of your head to the tip. You should also use hair spray to ensure the style lasts longer.

Get your curling brush online

Fresh Body is a leading blow dryer brush Australia supplier. The following are the reasons why we are the best place to get your hair straightener brush online.

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Customer satisfaction - We customise our services and cordless hair curlers products based on our clients’ comments, reviews, and complaints through our excellent customer service. This helps us build strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.

Affordability - We are dedicated to serving all clients across different financial standings. Our blow brush is usually 30-50% cheaper than other sellers.

Money-back guarantee - Our 90-day money-back guarantee allows our clients to return the blow brush if they don’t like it and get a full refund.

Warranty - We have a one-year warranty for our blow brush, guaranteeing a free replacement or repair if it fails within a year of buying.

Quality - We research and compare suppliers and then test the products before selling them to clients.

Delivery - Our robust delivery network allows us to send our products to clients wherever they are. We also offer free delivery when you pay more than $100 for our products.

To get your hair straightener brush online, browse our website.