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Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner and Tartar Stain Remover

$29.75 $109.50
: Pink
Smile With More Confident. Professional teeth whitening pen effectively and quickly removes years of stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda and more. Its natural mint flavor will keep your mouth feeling fresh. More confident with health smile.


This Tooth Cleaning Machine is designed to help scrape away plaque and tartar buildup, along with discoloration including coffee & wine stains, to give you a cleaner, healthier, whiter-looking smile you can be proud of.

 Easy to use in the bathroom or on holiday this portable teeth cleaner and tartar remover for teeth is lightweight with an ergonomic body design for ease of use and comfort. Plaque Remover for Teeth helps supplement regular flossing and the use of mouthwash for 24/7 teeth cleaning support helping make those annual visits to the dentist short and less frequent.


  • Type: Electric Oral Irrigation
  • Commodity Quality Certification: 3C
  • Model Number: Tartar Remover
  • Power Source: Electric

✔ WELCOME PEARLY WHITES: Having a shiny and healthy set of teeth has never been easier

✔ PLAQUE NO MORE: Eliminate all tooth impurities and grin with pride

✔ CLEAN GALORE: Made to be portable, take it everywhere with you and show off a million-dollar smile

✔ GIFT WORTHY OF A SMILE: Surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift for any occasion

Please Note: This product is not able to be returned or exchanged. Thank you for your understanding.

Brighten Your Smile With The Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner

Teeth discolouration is one of the leading dental issues people deal with. Even after brushing and flossing daily, things like coffee, tea, soda, cigarettes and wine could stain the teeth.

While you can solve the issue using professional teeth cleaning, the ultrasonic tooth cleaner from Fresh Body Personal Care is an essential gadget to have because it will help save on professional dental cleaning fees.

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It is designed to supplement your daily brushing and flossing, removing plaque and tartar build-up. This helps minimize the occurrence of cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases.

Why use an ultrasonic tooth cleaner?

  • Convenience- With this gadget, you can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home without worrying about making time for a professional cleaning session. This also saves you the time you would have gone to the dentist or waited for your appointment.
  • Fresh breath- The Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner has a natural mint flavour that keeps the mouth fresh for longer than ordinary toothbrushes.
  • Ease of use and portability- It has an ergonomic body design and is lightweight, making it easy to pack and carry even for long distances. The design is also easy, with well-organized buttons, making it easy to use even for beginners.
  • Elegant design- Whether you are placing it in your bathroom or transit, the ultrasonic tooth cleaner has a unique and elegant design that will make you stand out. Its pink and turquoise colours make it a perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

Why Buy From Fresh Body Personal Care?

At Fresh Body, we aim to provide our clients with the latest personal care products including ultrasonic tooth cleaners. We are also dedicated to high-quality products to ensure our clients don’t worry about replacing the products often. This drives us to work with the best suppliers in the market and test all the products before we sell them.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction, meaning we always consider what clients want and remain updated with all trends related to personal care products. We have also made the products budget-friendly to cater to all our customers regardless of their financial standing.

We believe that our client feedback helps us deliver better services, so we always read and respond to all our client’s feedback, whether positive or negative. This has driven us to develop excellent and friendly customer support available for all our clients whenever they need it.

We also have a well-established delivery network to ensure we deliver ultrasonic tooth cleaners to all our clients wherever they are and whenever they want them. We also accept several payment methods to make it easier for our clients.